Cars eligible for the clean car rebate

Electric, Hybrid and PHEV cars

The allure of an electric vehicle has never been stronger!

They are quiet, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient to run. Plus, from 1 April 2022, PHEVs, hybrids and low emission new vehicles may be eligible for a rebate based on their CO2 emissions level, up to a maximum of $8625 (inc GST).

Rebates available

Vehicle carbon emissions (grams)New vehicle
0 (zero emissions)$7500 + GST
1 to 56$5000 + GST
57 to 146$7500 + GST less (emissions X $50 X 130/145)
For the most up to date information visit the NZTA website.

View our range of cars

The new rebate makes the already attractive EV vehicles in Ingham’s range simply irresistible. View the below range to get the most out of the rebate.

EV / PHEV Models:


IONIQ Hybrid

Kona Series II


Niro EV

Niro Hybrid

Sorento Hybrid

  • Niro HEVEligible for the Clean Car Discount
  • Niro PHEVEligible for the Clean Car Discount


Eclipse Cross PHEV

Next Generation Outlander PHEV

Outlander PHEV




A-Class Hatchback


Swift Hybrid

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