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Expert wheel and tyre services.

Wheels and tyres are one of the most important features on your vehicle and yet often overlooked. Our Service Centre has access to dedicated tyre and wheel technicians to ensure your wheels are correctly aligned, balanced and fit for purpose.  If your vehicle is pulling to one side, vibrating or you simply need your tyres rotated, get in contact with our Service team today.

Our wheel and tyre services.

Wheel Alignment

It’s important to have a correct wheel alignment so your tyres wear evenly and your vehicle handles and corners as it should.

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Wheel Balance

Wheels are never the same weight all around, and unbalanced wheels not only make for difficult driving but can cause uneven tyre wear.

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Tyre Rotation

Tyres can wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle. Rotating your tyres is a simple and effective way to ensure even tyre wear.

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Tyre Check

Tyres need regular checking, but if you are unsure about checking your tyres, our team is well trained in analysing tread depth and tyre wear.

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Reduce tyre wear & improve fuel economy.

Regular wheel alignments increase the life-span of your tyres and save money in the long run. Our service centres have access to dedicated wheel and tyre technicians who will assess your vehicle on our electronic wheel alignment machine and adjust to your manufacturer’s requirements. We recommend a wheel alignment every 6 months.


Increase the life of your tyres and ensure a smooth drive.

Tyres are never the same weight all around, and tread wear can cause uneven distribution. The most common sign your vehicle has unbalanced tyres is the steering-wheel shaking while driving at high speeds. Our wheel and tyre technicians use our calibrated wheel balancer to test and adjust your vehicle’s wheel balance. Wheels should always be balanced after new tyres are fitted.


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