Finance Terms & Conditions


Ingham is not a financial advice provider. For Ingham’s consumer loans, any recommendations that we may give you in relation to your loan application or resulting loan (and any associated insurance product) are not “regulated financial advice” under New Zealand law.

You are protected by responsible lending laws. Because of these protections, the recommendations given to you about your loan and any associated insurance product are not regulated financial advice. This means that duties and requirements imposed on people who give financial advice do not apply to these recommendations. This includes a duty to comply with a code of conduct and a requirement to be licenced.

Business Partners.

Ingham partners with a variety of finance providers who each provide speciality customer solutions. Our Finance & Insurance Managers are trained to provide customers with the best solution for their individual situation. To ensure you are aware of our current providers’ terms and conditions, we have provided links to their websites below.

Please feel free to discuss this further with your Ingham dealership Finance & Insurance Manager or the provider themselves.

Standard fees and charges.

Inghams’ lending rates vary depending on the company, dealership, business partner, product and customer. Rates also vary depending on factors including the amount of lending, the term of the loan, the level of deposit or equity in the loan, customer credit history, and customer risk profile.

Inghams’ establishment and dealer origination fee ranges from $250 to $400; fees vary depending on the dealership and the finance company (business partner).

Finance terms and conditions together with information about the costs of borrowing (including credit fees, default fees, interest rates, and default interest rates) can be viewed by clicking on the provider links below:

Mercedes-Benz Finance
(Daimler Financial Services)
  • Consumer Loan
  • Business Loans
  • Finance Lease
  • Insurance
Nissan Financial Services

Kia Finance
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Leasing
  • Kia Konfidence
  • Rates, fees and terms
  • Extend Rates, fees and terms
Mitsubishi Motors Financial Services
  • Consumer Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Business Lease
  • Business Line of Credit
  • MMFS cost of borrowing
  • MMFS consumer terms & conditions

Heartland MARAC